History, Philosophy and Mission of the Authority

Massac County Housing Authority (MCHA) is a municipal corporation established under the laws of Illinois.  The relationship with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is contractual with the Annual Contribution Contract (ACC) serving as the primary agreement between the housing authority and HUD.

The primary purpose of the housing authority is to provide "decent, safe, and sanitary" housing for those who can benefit from subsidized housing.  We do not provide emergency housing.  Each applicant is screened for criminal history, landlord issues, and credit history.  MCHA verifies income, employment, expenses, age, benefits, etc. in order to determine eligibility and to determine rent.  Persons who are eligible for housing are put on a waiting list and an offer is made when their names come to the top of the waiting list.

MCHA cannot arbitrarily refuse housing to an individual, just as we cannot arbitrarily evict a resident.  There must be a legal, verified reason to deny housing or to evict from housing.