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Instructions for Massac County Housing Authority Pre-Application:    

Explanation:  This is a pre-application for admission to housing.  The information you give us is used to determine your position on the waiting list.  When your name comes to the top of the waiting list, we will contact you for a meeting to complete a Full Application along with verification to determine if your household is eligible for housing.

Purpose - To Establish:

  • Household Composition - Everyone that will be living in the apartment
  • Contact Information - All correspondence is by mail and we will use the mailing address given on this application; to contact you.
  • Income Eligibility Requirements - Your household income information is used to determine whether or not your are within median income guidelines.
  • Preference Points - Yes/No questions used to determine your position on the waiting list.  Awarded only after verification.
  • Preference Point Definitions:

                Elderly - At least 62 years of age.

                Disabled - Must be currently receiving SSI benefits.

                Veterans - Must have honorable discharge.  Must provide DD214 for verification.

                Homeless - Must be without permanent housing who may live on the streets, stay in a shelter or mission, single

                room occupancy facilities, abandoned building or vehicle, or in any other unstable or non-permanent situation.

                Domestic Violence - Verified actual or threatened physical violence directed against the applicant or the applicant's

                family by a spouse or other household member who lives in the unit with the family or where the family has fled its

                housing to escape from the abuser.  The actual or threatened violence must have occurred within the past 60

                calendar days or be of a continuing nature.

Only the above information is examined before an applicant is added to the waiting list.  Addition to the waiting list does not indicate that you have been determined eligible for housing.  Eligibility will be determined at a later time when you are contacted to complete a Full Application.

To complete the pre-application, click on the following link:

 PRE-APPLICATION, complete application, save/copy/paste, email to